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For all your Jewellery needs. 

Kerry is here to help you create your perfect and unique piece but is all about giving a pleasant experience from start, to finish and beyond.

From hand sketches to 3D CAD we can help guide you through the design process for a stunning design that suits your needs.

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Here at Allure Jewellery Design we love to help you design your dream unique bespoke piece. Book an appointment today to see how we can help your dream piece come true.

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After the design process is over we spend hours lovingly hand making your piece. Every piece we make is a work of passion, to ensure the end product is of the highest quality.


We have a selection of display rings to help you with your design. Trying on different styles can help see what is right for you.


Turn a piece you used to love and wear into a piece you can love all over again. 

Have a special piece given to you by a past loved one? What to turn it into a piece that is extra special and sentimental that you would wear?

Contact us today about our remodeling services.


There's no limitations to our imagination

It’s not just about the products you’re buying. It’s about the entire experience. Get in touch today to learn more about our services.



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Thank you so much Kerry for the amazing job you did making this stunning pendant to honour my first born daughter! I can't speak highly enough of your craftsmanship and how you so quickly understood exactly what I was after to mark this special occasion in my life. I'll treasure this piece forever - and will be back for any future babies!

Jessica Romano