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Allure Jewellery Design provides a quality design service. We sit down and talk about your style, you can try on sample rings to see what you like and take from the parts you love and then we will design a unique one off piece. From there Kerry will sketch you a to scale drawing of your piece so you can envision the final piece.

Redesign: If you have a few pieces that aren't your taste anymore we can design into something you will love and be proud to wear everyday.

We also have the latest CAD (computer-aided design) this can show a full 3D view of your piece.

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At Allure Jewellery Design we have a new state of the art jewellery workshop. 

We can supply all precious metals and stones or you can supply them from existing pieces.

Once you have signed off on your perfect design Kerry then gets to the bench to make top quality product. This way you get a unique one off piece that no one else will have. 

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At Allure Jewellery Design we offer a complete design to wax service.

We can do a 3D CAD (computer Aided Design).
This does have a cost but if you go ahead with the piece it will then be taken off the price.

Wedding, engagement, dress rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets or any other special piece of jewellery can be design using CAD. You may have a jewellery design in mind, and Kerry can bring your design to life. There are no limits to what can be designed, you imagine it and we will create it. CAD enables you to visualise the design in 3D before committing the design to manufacture. 

Another benefit of CAD is typically the design allows for a single solid cast model, thereby creating stronger jewellery piece.

Jeweller Working




Rhodium Plating

Stone resetting

Pearl re threading

Re shanking rings

Clean and polishing

and much, much more

It’s not just about the products you’re buying. It’s about the entire experience.
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